Using a system to manage your time  means doing what counts. In school you had a time table so that you knew what lesson took place where and at what time.

Then once you finally finished school, that dreaded time table flew out the window. But did it really? Many of us, especially entrepreneurs, however, came quickly to a realization that having a time table or in big people language a To-do list was immensely helpful. Only at this stage instead of having a time table imposed on us, we are free to create our own.

Being busy all day long and having nothing to actually to show for at the end of the day, it extremely frustrating. Has it every occurred to you that you can schedule time consuming activities into your plans?. That way you can more easily stick to your schedule.

I came across these 8 tips at and found them helpful.

  1. Realize that “urgent” doesn’t mean “important
  2. Do the hard tasks first
  3. Schedule breaks
  4. Turn off technology
  5. Pick up the phone
  6. Batch your tasks
  7. Harness social media for help
  8. Plan

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