Only Athletes Need Coaches and Other Excuses

Only Athletes Need Coaches and Other Excuses

The top athletes work with a coach, but many business owners still believe that it is not for them.

You have skills and strengths and weaknesses. Most of the weaknesses you can outsource. Unfortunately, you can’t outsource your business. You are in charge. When you work with a coach you will achieve your goals faster. Good coaches see what you are missing and help you identify your blind spots and eliminate them.

Coaching is like a GPS for business. Working with a coach gives you an advantage by providing a perspective of how you can take advantage of your position as an entrepreneur.

excuses not to hire a coach

Excuses Not to Hire a Coach

With All That Free Information Who Needs a Coach

There is so much free information available online, then why should you hire a coach? A coach does not provide you with more information, a coach assists you implement the information you already have in the most efficient way. You would not be stuck if you already knew how to apply the information in the first place.

You Prefer to Do it Your Way First

Do you really want to reinvent the wheel? A coach can help you reduce your learning curve and get you to a higher level faster.

You Had A Bad Experience With a Coach In The Past

Just because you had a bad experience in the past, does not mean that the next one will be bad too.

This time have a get acquainted session with the coach to see if you are a match. Always trust your gut feeling and don’t lock yourself into a long contract to start with, instead work with someone for a couple of months to see how it goes.

Coaching Is Expensive

Coaching is not expensive when you look at the benefit it provides. What is the cost to your business and bottom line when you are struggling on your own. Find a coach that fits your budget and invest in yourself.

You Don’t Want to Admit That You Need Help

You are ashamed of having to admit how bad things really are. A coach will not judge you. A coach is your ally who helps you move forward and guide you towards the right actions by setting a system in place.

You Prefer to Bounce Ideas Off Your Friends

Are you really willing to ruin a friendship by putting your friends on the spot? They have too much invested in your friendship to be brutally honest with you.

You Are Just Not Ready to Do the Work

It is easy to buy an online course or an inexpensive gym membership, but will you actually study the course or go regularly to the gym? When you get a personal trainer in the gym or a coach for your business, they will hold you accountable to do the work that brings results.

Benefits of Working With a Coach

Working with a coach improves your work performance, business management and time management skills.

It boost your self-confidence, relationships and communication skills and helps you adjust your life/work balance.

Coaching is an investment in your future and your success. Coaching gives you clarity and measurable results.

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