My Job – Not My Job?

My Job – Not My Job?

my job is to take the next stepWhat is my job and what is not my job? I came across this info on a Facebook post from Tad Hargrave.

Trying to be helpful can sometimes make you a busy body or make you come across as being judgmental.

The only person you can help is yourself. Every person has their own path in life and that might sometimes be very different from yours. Being considerate to others is different than being helpful when your advice is not requested or even required.

My job is to love people
Not my job is to fix or save people
My job is to be authentic
Not my job is to be liked
My job is to take the next step
Not my job is to do it all
My job is to speak the truth
Not my job is to please everyone
My job is to breathe
Not my job is to hold it together

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