I am in control

How do you stay motivated when you feel flat, when the wind has gone out of your sails?

Rather than procrastinating and moping around, check out these 50 motivational thoughts and pick one or more to re-energize yourself and get moving again.

These are my 8 picks of motivational thoughts:

  1. #9 – One step at a time.
    Don’t try to do everything at once. Reduce it to baby steps.
  2. #12 – Mistakes are learning opportunities.
    If you mess up, you can only become better for it.
  3. #13 – Today is all I can control.
    Forget about what you did yesterday. Today is what matters.
  4. #15 –  “Someday” is today.
    If you’re like most people, you use the word “someday” to describe your goals and desires. Make today that someday.
  5. #21 – I’m in control of my own destiny.
    I can decide who I want to become.
  6. #31 – What I see matters more than what others see.
    Forget about what others think — prioritize what you think.
  7. #39 – Feelings are the product of thoughts.
    If you’re scared or unsure, know that these are feelings generated by your thoughts; then you can control them.
  8. #43 – My life is a product of my decisions.
    Make the ones that matter.

If I only could pick one motivational thought, this is the one I would pick:

I’m in control of my own destiny.
I can decide who I want to become.

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