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Do you want to make more money?

Then join a group of like-minded people who have been there, done that and can inspire you is fantastic. Getting together with a group gives you a different perspective.

“Proximity is power.”

~Tony Robbins

Being around others doing the same thing helps you get your body to do the things your brain vetoes. It is a PHYSICAL thing. You have to physically get your body aligned with your desires, dreams and thoughts. If you want to bring about change include a physical practice into your life.

You can learn the greatest strategies on the planet, but actually applying them has a lot to do with how you fsee yourself as who you are and what you do. So, start thinking of yourself as an ATHLETE (not just a business owner) and you will interact with yourself and the world on a different level. 

5 Ways to get more physical

  1. Wake up every morning and meditate.
  2. Do yoga.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Eat good, healthy food.
  5. Be careful what you put into your body.

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