the importance of taking a lunch break
Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

How do you fuel your creative fire? Staying refreshed and motivated is key to a fulfilling and creative workflow. But sometimes stress and long to-do lists can get in the way. Do you ever wish you could just hit the reset button?

Enter: the lunch break. Sure, eating is fun. But did you know that studies have shown that there’s a scientific importance of taking a lunch break? That’s right — taking regular lunch breaks can make you feel more motivated, so you really can’t afford to skip them.

Lunch breaks are a great way to take 30 minutes or an hour to tackle an area of your life that needs a little attention. Whether it’s going for a run, browsing inspirational podcasts, or looking over your finances, there’s always room to improve. 

So now that you know the importance of taking a lunch break, how do you choose to spend yours? This infographic gives 15 ideas, but don’t just stop here. There’s no right or wrong way to lunch — just make sure that you do!



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