Learning the way to procrastinateHave you ever considered that learning could be your way of procrastinating? Procrastination falls into the shine object category.

You discover something new and just have to get it or in this case read and study it, but all this comes at the expense of actually doing something that will show results.

Procrastinating is also one reason why your to-do list is overflowing as you change your priorities in mid-stream.

So, you want to learn how to write better copy or headlines or how to write and publish a book.

You are bombarded with emails that tout the latest, the greatest and better way to do something and you just have to check it out. But, have you ever taken inventory of what learning information you already possess and have never actually applied?

headful of ideas

Having a head full of ideas and information does not bring you the success you so dearly want, because you don’t know how to apply the information.

Mastering a new skill does not come from theoretical learning, but from applying it. Repeated use and making adjustments when something does not quite work, will make you a master. Your experiences will guide you to figure out what works for you and not somebody else.

Definition of Experience
Practical contact with and observation of facts or events.

Studying information and trying to practice it virtually is not creating an experience. You can only create experiences by doing it in the physical world. Studying without doing is a waste of your time and procrastinating and keeps you in your comfort zone. Growth occures at the razor’s edge between knowledge and doing.

The more you learn by consuming tomes of information, the more you stay stuck. Instead start learning by creating.

You can only do so much research, before you have to start learning by doing. You can listen to podcasts or audio books until the cows come home, but once your start talking in your own words about the information, you are actually learning.

  • Taking notes by hand rather than on the computer is a more efficient way to learn.
  • You will never learn the intricacies of a game by only watching. As soon as you are playing the game, you are learning it and mastering it.
  • Setting a date when you will start to do something, is procrastinating. Just start taking action now and do it.
  • The only way to get out of a rut is to move forward rather than staying put or retreating.
  • You can spend your life doing research while others are applying what they found and reaping the rewards from their work.

Take that first step now and start learning from your own experiences. You know what to do. It is time to ACT NOW!

act now, it is time

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