You make your habits and then your habits make you

Your habits are an integral part of what you do each and every day. Because they are habits, you often don’t even realize it.

“You make your habits and then your habits make you.”

Many of your habits have been formed over the years unintentionally, but they continue to affect your actions day in and day out.

That’s why it is important to be aware of your current habits and be in control of how you are going to create new ones. They will affect you whether you’ll realize it or not.

Creating intentional habits is not an easy job and sadly, our natural tendency is to choose the easy way, but you have a choice. You can either live by default or by design.

What does that mean?

Living by Default s is a recipe for mediocrity

  • You’re following the crowd
  • You’re taking the path of least resistance
  • You’re living on autopilot hoping to reach your full potential

Living by Design is a recipe for greatness

  • You’re being proactive
    I always say: “Live your life like you drive your car”. Be proactive
  • You’re intentional about everything you do
  • You take deliberate actions
  • You make constant improvements (minor course adjustments)

Let me assist you with a Habit Audit.
Often times, you are just to close to see where you need to make an adjustment