Do you have a system to deal with your emails or are you at the mercy of email notification of their arrival?

how to tame the email beast

According to Kevin Kruze there is a way to cut your email time in half.

7 Simple Steps

This is the summary of the 7 steps.

1] Unsubscribe from email newsletters
Take control over your time back and eliminate as many newsletters as possible, they put their agenda on your time.

2] Turn off all email notifications
Do you really need to know every time a new email arrives?

3] Use the 321-Zero system
Instead set aside specific times during the day when you check your emails only process email three times a day by scheduling it morning, noon and night.

►Set the timer on your phone for 21 minutes
►Try to get to inbox to zero in that time.
►Make a game out of it—21 minutes is typically not enough time to get to zero, and that’s intentional…

4] Think twice before you forward, cc or bcc
On principle I don’t reply or forward cc or bcc emails.

5] Use the subject line to indicate the action required

►”FYI: [subject]” → for passing info along as a courtesy.
►“ACTION REQUIRED by [DATE]: [subject]” or “TO DO by [DATE
►“NRN: [subject]”→NRN stands for “no response needed”
►“[subject]–EOM”→ EOM stands for “end of message” and lets you put super short messages right in the subject line.

6] Keep emails short—really short
Emails like most videos don’t have to be the length of stories. Short and to the point with a link to more information is the way to go.

7] Immediately apply the 4 D’s
Every time you open an email, you should be ready to
►Delete it (archive)
►Delegate it (forward)
►Defer it (move to your calendar) or
►Do it …

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