start with a clean slate
It is never to late to get ready for a fresh start. It does not matter if it is at the end of the year or at any time point you decide.

9  things you could still do before the year is over


  1. Tie up loose ends by finishing projects
  2. Do some things that you have been putting off for a long time. Do you have an item on your Someday-Maybe list that is calling out to you?
  3. Take something you have always wanted to do and give it a test drive. This helps you get out of a rut.
  4. Get a head start on a new goal or project. Don’t wait another week.
  5. Review what worked and what you will need to tweak
  6. Work on your goals list for the coming year. Be careful and don’t over load this list. Be realistic on what is achievable and what is wishful thinking.
  7. Start a fitness routine. It only takes 21 day to develop a habit.
  8. Ask for help and research working with a coach. It is not just athletes who benefit from working with coaches, small business owners and entrepreneurs benefit too.
  9. Catch up on your sleep.

Do you need assistance to start with a clean slate?
Then let’s get started, I would love to work with you.

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