square peg in round holeDo you consciously want to stand out from the crowd or does it just happen because of the way you do things?

This post made me think about this.

6 Odd Ways Top Entrepreneurs Found Success Going Against the Grain.

Legendary ideas can sometimes launch from a different approach.

  1. Show bravado
  2. Teach yourself
  3. Defy the masses
  4. Go where your are afraid to go
  5. Get eyes on your product
  6. Get your hands dirty

Which of the above ways did you try or would you want to try?

I have been using #2 all my life. If I wanted to learn something, I would learn it on my own. This is the info from #2 from the post:

2. Teach yourself.
Years ago, I understood the saying, “A formal education can make you a living, but self-education can make you a fortune.” When all my friends went to college, I did an in-person, hands-on apprenticeship under a farmer named Joel Salatin.

I’m not completely against college; there are times when you should go. But a lot of people blindly follow the masses and go to college because their friends are. They don’t know why they’re going. They have no direction. They don’t know what classes to take. They switch majors and usually forget what they learned.

I took a different path of self-education. Even though I learned from others, I was in control. I was able to pick and choose who taught me. I learned from people who had accomplished and actually done it, as opposed to people with theories and book smarts. —Tai Lopez, investor and advisor to many multimillion-dollar businesses, who has built an eight-figure online empire; connect with Tai on Facebook or Snapchat

Check out the other 5 ways and let me know what you think.

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