Goals Help Dreams Make Wishes Come True

Goals Help Dreams Make Wishes Come True

Once you understand this simple process of making your WISHES come true,  you can apply it to any WISH and turn into reality.

It is not as simple as waving a magic wand, but with some effort and work you can do it.

make your wishes come true

The Process starts with Having a WISH

WISHES are the starting point. WISHES are pie-in-the-sky thoughts that are unlikely to ever come true. They are all those ideas that are going through your head about what you want. With wishes you don’t have to worry if they are feasible or accomplishable, after all it is just wishful thinking.

Next you turn your WISH into a DREAM

It is quite simple to turn a wish into a DREAM as DREAMS are WISHES with a burning desire attached to them. DREAMS take your WISHES to the next level. DREAMS are your ultimate destination, the end result.

Now you need Goals to reach your destination

“DREAMS can inspire you,
but GOALS can change your life.”

DREAMS by themselves are just that… DREAMS. They are imaginary and don’t produce tangible results.

GOALS on the other hand are all about action and turn DREAMS into reality. GOALS change you and can change your life.

DREAMS are your “what” and “why”. GOALS are the stepping stones to get to your destination. GOALS and DREAMS complement each other.

DREAMS need GOALS to support them to prevent feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the DREAM and help you to focus on the destination. If you only focus on moving from GOAL to GOAL and never look at your destination, your DREAM, you may not notice that you are going in circles.

  • Don’t confuse DREAMS with GOALS. GOALS require more detail than DREAMS.
  • GOALS are something you are acting on. DREAMS are something you are just thinking about.
  • DREAMS are free. GOALS cost money and require hard work, but produce results.

Always DREAM big, but make sure your GOALS are just as big.

Example of turning a WISH into a DREAM with GOALS

map New York to San Francisco

  • Wanting to drive from New York to San Francisco some day, that’s a WISH.
  • Wanting to drive from New York to San Francisco next month, that’s a DREAM. Your WISH has now a burning desire attached to it. You can’t wait to travel cross country.
  • The GOALS are the different stops along your way from New York to San Francisco. Each GOAL brings you closer to your destination.
    Depending on how fast you want to get to San Francisco, you break down your GOALS into smaller ones.
    ► The distance you want to travel each day changes with your GOALS:
    → more stops to take in some sites along the way
    → or fewer stops to get to San Francisco faster.

Do you need to help turning you WISHES into reality?
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