easily distracted by shiny objects
easily distracted by shiny objects

After yesterday’s post where we were looking at: “what if money didn’t matter?” it’s on to “living on purpose”.

I came across this short post in my Facebook stream by Mike Klingler and just had to share it. Now if money didn’t matter and you have found and decided what you want to do, how are you now going about creating it?


Decide what you want and then create it! This is living with purpose. If you need help with either of those two steps seek out coaches and consultants. Most people choose NOT to follow this simple process for fulfilment because they are addicted to high-drama and chaos, so they gravitate to it; creating more of it. They literally choose not to decide what they want and create it because that would be too predictable. It gets them excited to go up and down emotionally (even if it looks unpleasant as they cry, are hurt by others, or wallow in their self created misfortune—it is a literal chemical brain-body response that makes them feel alive… usually conditioned in at childhood in the environment they were raised). I know this process because I am as human as anyone and still work through this… more and more mindful with every passing year on how to let go sooner. As you grow out of this addiction you begin to notice it in yourself when it’s triggered and can adjust if you have chosen to do so… to slowly ween yourself off of it. You begin to choose new relationships that don’t attract more of it… you then open up your ability to create more deliberately and effortlessly, creating greater and greater levels of fulfilment in your life. Decide what you want and create it! If you need help with either of those first two steps get a coach or consultant along the way. Those you admire most in life have done exactly that.


To learn to live on purpose you have to:

  • Work out a strategy on how you will go about it. If you just follow opportunity after opportunity you will be bouncing all over the place and get sidetracked by “shiny objects”.
  • A strategy will act as your road map and guide you in the right direction. Should you get off course, it will also help you get back on track.

Sometimes it helps to have someone hold your hand
until you feel steady enough to go it on your own.
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