Hack Your Productivity – Finish What You Start

Hack Your Productivity – Finish What You Start

You start your projects full of enthusiasm, but as time goes by you lose some of your enthusiasm, then dread sets in and before too long, you stop completely. Now your project, research and reference materials all ends up on the pile of previous unfinished projects, never to see the light of day again.

hack your productivity - finish what you start

Reasons for not finishing projects

Lets have a look at possible reasons for this and how to overcome them.

Before you start any project or goal you have be very clear about WHY you are doing this. What is your compelling reason? How will you feel once you finished the project or accomplished your goal. How will this affect your life? How passionate are you about it. Your compelling reason will carry you through the times when you are ready to give up.

Your personality

Getting projects done also depends on your personality.

  • Are you best at starting projects, but maintaining it is just not your forté? In this case, prepare to hand the project on to someone else once you have laid the groundwork.
  • Are you best at taking over an existing project and making it super successful? In this case, leave the getting started part to someone else and focus on your strengths.

External factors and too many projects

Do you let external factors deter you from continuing your project or goal? At any given time there are many people working on similar projects, but you are the only one who can add that special touch / spin to it.

Do you have too many projects on the go simultaneously?

If you’re splitting your time between a few businesses, you won’t be able to put in the required amount of time and energy into any of them. ~Neil Patel

Stick to one thing, respectfully turn down distractions and move boldly in that direction.

If you’ve been handed a project and have no choice in the matter, figure out exactly what needs to be done and get it done as quickly as possible to get it out of the way.

Wanting to have done yesterday

Any project or goal can be a huge undertaking and as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Break down the project into smaller actionable pieces and if necessary break these down even more and add them to your daily tasks list.

The most productive and effective people have one thing in common, they write themselves a to-do list every single day. They prioritize the tasks, don’t overload the day and get to work. You’ll be surprised with how much you get done, and how fast your outstanding projects get executed.

Reduce distractions as much as possible. It is hard to focus when you get constantly distracted.

Do you need to help figuring out why you don’t finish your projects?
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