Gardening With The Kitchen Timer Improves Productivity

Gardening With The Kitchen Timer Improves Productivity

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Productivity does not only affect you at work, but everything you do in life.

To keep my work life balance I work in my garden every day weather permitting from about April to November. I give myself a time limit of 45 minutes to an hour and set my kitchen timer for 45 minutes. When I am not done in that time, I can go a little longer up to an hour.

Using the right tools

Using the right tools for the job also makes you more productive. Discovering the best tools is often by trial and error.

Since our last year’s redo of our front hill, we have now a very small level lawn and our backyard is even smaller. Taking out the lawn on the hill part cut off our access to the lawn for our heavy Fiskar push mower. Then I tried to use the weed whacker, but it was hard on the forearms.


When I discovered this really cool hover mower at Canadian Tire I had found the right tool. The mower weighs only 1/10 of the old push mower, 10 pounds (5kg). Basically it is a weed whacker with 2 plastic blades that you  push. It is electric, so no more batteries that don’t last.

hover mowerImprove your productivity summary

  • Schedule your tasks – beginning and end time
  • Use the right tools for the task
  • Protect your time or yourself

me with protective glass

Safety glasses are a must when cutting grass. You never know what will pop back at you from the mower.

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