Following Your Gut – Yes or No?

Following Your Gut – Yes or No?

Do you follow your gut when you have to make a decision? Do you solely depend on your gut instinct or do you also look at the facts?

decision - gut feeling

When I have to make decisions, I have noticed that often I say that something is talking to me or not. I guess there is an inner knowing that if listened to assists you in your decision making process.

What do you do when you have to make a quick decision and listening to your gut still leaves you with an uneasy feeling?

Consider asking yourself the following questions to see if the answers will bring you clarity.

  1. Am I rushing to judgment so that I will not feel so anxious anymore?
  2. Am I too lazy to do the research to see if there are facts that support my feeling or do I really know enough to make that decision?
  3. Does your head and your gut agree with each other or do they contradict each other? If they contradict each other it is time to look deeper into it.
  4. Do you pay more attention to what others are telling you or do you stick with what you know to be true or factual.
  5. Are you sure enough about your decision that you can defend it, if you are challenged by others.
  6. Does following your gut make you feel lighter or fill you with dread.

When it’s decision time, give yourself time to mull it over. Ask yourself some of the above questions and research the facts and then take a break. This allows your subconscious to “digest” the information you have gathered and then present you with a decision.

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