empowered saying NO

A study by Boston College and the University of Houston discovered a simple way to help you say YES, when what you really want to say is NO.

Adopting new habits is hard, getting rid of old ones even harder.  Old habits hold you back from becoming the person you really want to be. You need help, you need strategies that actually work. Self-control and willpower are just not enough.

The solution lies in saying I DON’T instead of I CAN’T

I DON’T and I CAN’T are often used interchangeably, but they are psychologically very different.


  • I DON’T is a choice and feels empowering.
  • I DON’T is an affirmation of your determination and willpower.


  • I CAN’T isn’t a choice feels like a restriction. It’s being imposed upon you.
  • I CAN’T  undermines your sense of power and personal control.

Studies have shown that whether you want to start a new health habit or work habit, using the words I DON’T or I CAN’T has a significant effect on your outcome.

The I DON’T strategy outperformed the I CAN’T strategy by 8 times.

Remember, only you have the power to decide what you DO and DON’T.

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