Do You Find Work a Chore or Do You Consider it Play?

After reading the article about feeling burned out, I realized that more often than not I consider my work play. I love to help people figure things out and discover how to become successful.

There is however one thing, I do on the computer, that is always play not matter the pressure I feel creating it, and that is graphic design. Creating a graphic is never a chore for me, it is always play. Don’t you agree with me when you see the graphic below?

is work a chore or play?
is work a chore or play?
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What part of your work do you consider a chore and what part play? Is there a way to make it more of play?

Take some inspiration from the slideshow from the writer of the feeling burned out article.

The 25 Greatest Quotes on Why We Should PLAY for a Living

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Then let’s get started on making changes so that works becomes play,
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