Discover Productivity Secrets from Successful People

Discover Productivity Secrets from Successful People

If you are new to time management and productivity or just need a refresher, bestselling NY Times author Kevin Kruse put all the helpful information in one book called “15 Secrets Successful People Know about Time Management”.

The book is based on his survey research and interviews with billionaires, Olympic athletes, straight-A students, and over 200 entrepreneurs.

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Below are the highlights for each secret. You can read the full article on LinkedIn.


  • Focus on minutes, not hours
  • Master your minutes to master your life


  • Focus only on one thing
  • What task will have the biggest impact on reaching your goal? What accomplishment will get you promoted at work?


  • Don’t use to-do lists
  • Throw away your to-do list; instead schedule everything on your calendar


  • Beat procrastination with time travel
  • Anticipate how you will self-sabotage in the future, and come up with a solution to defeat your future self


  • Make it home for dinner
  • Highly successful people know what they value in life
    Consciously allocate your 1440 minutes a day to each area you value (i.e., put it on their calendar) and then stick to the schedule


  • Use a notebook
  • Ultra-productive people free their mind by writing everything down


  • Process email only a few times a day
  • Schedule time to process you email quickly and efficiently


  • Avoid meetings at all costs
  • You should get out of meetings whenever you can, hold fewer of them yourself, and if you do run a meeting, keep it short


  • Say “no” to almost everything
  • Remember, you only have 1440 minutes in every day. Don’t give them away easily


  • Follow the 80/20 rule
  • Ultra-productive people know which activities drive the greatest results, and focus on those and ignore the rest


  • Delegate almost everything
  • Ultra-productive people don’t have control issues and they are not micro-managers. In many cases good enough is, well, good enough


  • Theme days of the week
  • Batch your work to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness


  • Touch things only once
  • If it takes less than five or ten minutes—whatever it is— deal with it right then and there


  • Practice a consistent morning routine
  • ‘Becoming’ more so that you can start doing less, to achieve more


  • Energy is everything
  • You can’t make more minutes in the day, but you can increase your energy which will increase your attention, focus, decision making, and overall productivity

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