do you need to put your todo list on a diet?

Do you need to put your to-do list on a diet? Instead of shrinking, your to-do list keeps on growing and getting longer and longer every day. What’s going on? Just like with a food diet, if you put more to-do items on your list than you complete you’ll get overwhelmed.

How Can You Gain Control Over Your To-do List?

First – analyze and evaluate what’s going on.

Before you can make changes, figure out where you get off track.
David Allen came up with these 5 steps that will get you from chaos to a plan.  Check out the full info about the 5 steps.

Establish a Morning Routine

take care of yourself first

To have a productive day, start your day with a morning routine.
Take care of yourself first, before you can help others. Make this is part of your daily routine and add it to your schedule.

Morning Routine Example

  • Meditation / Reading a book
  • Exercise
  • Shower
  • Healthy breakfast

Daily To-Do Schedule

Your head is a crappy office. Your head is for having ideas, but not for holding them.
~David Allen

daily schedule

Preferably, you have prepared your daily schedule the evening before, when you did your end of day review in the evening. See the end of this post.

  • Have your priorities straight.
  • Delegate or eliminate what you can’t do, before you have added the tasks to your schedule.
  • Don’t have more than 3 important tasks per day.

Your tasks dictate your schedule, they become your timetable. Schedules have a start and end time and so are easier to stick to.

Don’t forget to allow for distractions between tasks, but not during a task.


According to Brian Tracy, if a task is disrupted, it will take around 17 minutes to get back to it. When this happens all day long, you are now suffering from ADD. Now wonder, you won’t get much done between all those distractions. Turn your distractions off! Check out this info video from Brian Tracy.


The key to success in life is to complete your tasks.
~Brian Tracy

To see your To-do list shrinking, work on creating the habit of starting and completing tasks. Once you have established this habit, you will start to use it in all areas of your life.

What About the Emails and Distractions?

reward yourself

Consider using email and other distractions as a reward? After you have finished your MOST important task, check your email as your reward for having finished your task.

End Your Day With a Review

time to evaluate

  • Praise yourself for what for what you accomplished and what worked.
    • Make tweaks to what did not turn out as expected.
  • Prepare tomorrow’s schedule. Set your priorities for the coming day.
    • What three items absolutely need to be done.
    • Write them down in the order of their priority.
    • Set a time for each task

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