Could breaks mean less wasted time at work?We’ve all been there: We just power through the day (or the week or the month) without leaving our desk, ever. It’s hard to meet deadlines, it seems, and take a break. It’s hard to get through all the meetings you need to. Heck, it’s hard to even get lunch some days.

But by not breaking up our days and by not taking breaks, we’re doing ourselves and our work a disservice. Turns out, taking small breaks during the day is good for you. Think about it: If you sit at your desk for too long, your body is going to let you know that it’s unhealthy to do so. Your neck might hurt and your wrists and fingers probably will, too. And you’ll dull your senses and your creativity, too.

So why else are breaks good and how can you integrate more of them? This graphic helps to explain it.

Could breaks (real breaks) mean less wasted time at work?Could breaks (real breaks) mean less wasted time at work?Infographic by Quill

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