December Coaching Special

December Coaching Special

Are you ready to finally eliminate your biggest problem that is holding you back?

Is it a personal problem or something at work or in your business?

Would it be fantastic to start the New Year with a clean plate? Sometimes we are just too close to the problem to see the simple solution that is hidden within the problem. A fresh pair of eyes is all that’s needed.

Take advantage of my December Coaching Special, so that we can work together and plot a course to how you can find where the problem comes from and plot a plan to eliminate it in record time.

I am happy to assist you starting the New Year with a clean plate.

Give working with a coach a try and

take advantage of December’s coaching special of only $150 (40% discount) for 3 weekly 50 minute coaching sessions

In January the price will go back up to $250.00 per month.