Sleep Solves Every Thing

Awesome Productivity Tips – #222: Self-development – Everything is an ongoing process, Habits – Create a time table for your day, Motivation – 50 Entrepreneur quotes to inspire small business owners, Productivity – 4 ways to be more productive, Inspiration – The brain benefit of sleep

Peace of Mind

Awesome Productivity Tips – #220: Self-development – how to stay clear-headed, creative and humble, Habits – how to overcome overthinking, Strategy – incorporate a system and habits , Productivity – productive things to do with extra downtime, Inspiration – 15 quotes by Stephen Hawking

Hopelessness Is Learned

Awesome Productivity Tips – #216: Self-development – let go of your introspection mode; Habits – how to let go of bad habits and create new ones; Strategy – multitasking is a nightmare; Productivity – switch what you’re doing every half hour – Inspiration

Be afraid and do it anyway!

Awesome Productivity Tips – #214: self-development : Your personality is your relationship with yourself, habits: save on the small things, motivation: start your day with something that matters to you, productivity: stop spending major time on minor things, inspiration: how to find unstoppable persistence in the face of failure.