Can You Reverse Programming / Conditioning?

Can You Reverse Programming / Conditioning?

brain programming
brain programming

Whether you believe it or not, we are all programmed. Children up to the age of 7 years old are like sponges and absorb everything in their environment. That is the programming we are all going through. It takes us the rest of our life to understand and work to undo that programming.

This information by  John Assaraf  explains in simple terms why programming or conditioning works and how it holds us back.

Great Story about Brain Programming
Years ago, when brain science was in its infancy, a test was done on a Northern Pike… a common freshwater predator in the northern hemisphere. Scientists put it in one side of an aquarium with a glass divider, and filled the other side with minnows. The hungry pike immediately went after the minnows, banging his nose against the glass.
This went on for some time, until eventually the pike gave up. He learned his lesson. That’s when it got interesting: the scientists removed the glass divider! The minnows swam all around him, but it didn’t matter to the pike.
He had been conditioned that whenever he tried to go after the minnows, he’d hurt his nose. They could swim right through his open mouth and he wouldn’t even try. The “Pike Syndrome” was one of the earliest tests that demonstrated how our conditioned thoughts, beliefs and habits can cripple us, hold us back, cause uncertainty, doubts, fears, anxieties and so much more. AND, how we ourselves can RETRAIN our brains in ways that hold us back OR make us successful.

I read a similar story as the one above about working elephants in Asia. A baby elephant is tied to a stake with a rope. As the elephant is young it does not have the strength to break free. Once the elephant has grown up that rope still prevents it from running away. It has been conditioned that it can’t break that rope.

Were you programmed at one point in your life and now are struggling to break free?
I can teach you a very simple technique that lets you deal with that programming.
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