Can You Read Non-Verbal Communication?

Can You Read Non-Verbal Communication?

eye contactAlthough humans have created spoken language to communicate more effectively, the most primal language, that of the body still greatly influences our communication. In fact, the first book on body language was published over 350 years ago, Chirologia: Or the Natural Language of the Hand (1644) by John Bulwer.

If you have ever been watching a conversation take place from an inaudible distance, yet you could decipher the general sentiment of the conversation, you were likely reading their body language.

In order to become a more effective communicator, and therefore more productive, you will certainly need to become conscious of your non-verbal cues. Non-verbal communication can include your posture, hand-gestures, eye-contact and even the firmness of your handshake. Putting these tips from GetVoIP into action can greatly improve your non-verbal communication.

Non-Verbal Communication Tips

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