body language mistake fidgeting #17I can’t remember being taught to understand body language in school. It is a subject that I would have found quite helpful in dealing with myself and others.

Check out this infographic’s 32 examples of common body language signs, mistakes and how to know when someone is lying.

body language common sign crossing arms #6
This common body language sign, is the one I see most often in photos of the website owner online. Photographers seem to be drawn to it and love to use this pose. But instead of the person looking inviting, I find it off-putting.

body language sign of lying crossing arms at chest #27


How to spot a lie? This one is a very common one, when you are trying to be quick on your feet in giving an answer that isn’t quite true.

body language common signs and spotting lies

Did you learn to read body language in school?
Do you find it easy to do or difficult?
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