lunch atop a skyscraper, 1932
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Inspiration can come from all kinds of places, and in many cases, it’s important for it to do exactly that. Relying on one source or type of person for all of your inspiration only ensures that the wisdom you receive is the same. By diversifying the people you draw advice from, you diversify the advice — and in doing so, you increase your chances of becoming a better, more well-rounded, more successful person.

Your get what you work for, not what you wish for.

In that spirit, business software company Housecall Pro assembled the infographic below to feature 9 entrepreneurs who made millions with careers in the blue-collar labor industries. From hyper-local mom ‘n pop shops to the founders of Home Depot, you can click through to the full story to learn these blue-collar business barons’ stories and learn from their life lessons.

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