Better Communication – Better Time Management?

Better Communication – Better Time Management?

Will improving your communication skills affect your time management?

better communication - better time management

Time management and communication, how do the two fit together? Did you ever consider that to be more effective in your time management you should cut down on your talking and start listening more.

The secret to become more productive is to get better at communicating and to get better at communicating you have to get better at listening. When you talk you can’t effectively listen.

Have you noticed that when you are talking to people they usually give you the answers they are looking for in how they explain their problems or challenge to you, if you listen carefully enough to what they say.

Just like when you are doing Google research, you have to ask the right question to get the best answer. The clearer you are with your questions the better a feel you get for your client’s problems and challenges from their answers.

If possible don’t interrupt them. Yes, I know it is very hard at times, because you just want to answer them and your brain is buzzing with all kinds of solutions. Hold yourself back from doing that and take notes instead and become an active listener instead. Then ask those questions as you paraphrase what they just told you. You start with: “Let’s see if I understand you correctly …” They will then let you know where you were right on and where you did not understand them fully.

Now you can give them a verbal summary of what you just learned about their problem. This way you are gaining their respect and trust, and are establishing a rapport. These are the key ingredients to building the strong relationship you need to complete the sale.

When you are communicating don’t forget to smile, have fun and enjoy getting to know your client’s needs. People like people who like people.

People buy based on their feelings. They justify based on fact.

That’s why you should use this formula in your client communications:

100% of all talking = 75% from the client + 25% the salesperson
100% of all Listening = 75% the salesperson + 25% the client

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