If you have ever wondered what the best business tricks might be, Sir Richard Branson asked readers to tell him their best tricks they’ve picked up in business.
The answers might surprise you and help you with your business.

best business tricks

Here are a few that are very helpful:

  • EVERYTHING is an opportunity
  • LISTEN intently
  • BACKUP your computer system daily!
  • Have a VISION not just an idea!
  • SHARE your knowledge freely
  • Be present, be authentic, be passionate
  • Pay attention to your own HEALTH
  • ALWAYS know your audience!
  • It’s not about doing THINGS RIGHT, it’s about doing the RIGHT THINGS!
  • Tell the TRUTH!
  • Be BOLD!
  • Always listen to your INTUITION!

 What are your best business tricks?
Please write a comment below.
I am looking forward to reading your tips.