oh my!Changing the way you think and handle challenges, will give you big rewards. Those rewards will manifest themselves not just at work, but also in your life in general. You are preparing yourself for success.

The 7 Important Challenges

  1. When you catch yourself overthinking things,
    challenge yourself to take a step forward instead.
  2. When you have two good options,
    challenge yourself to go with the one that scares you, because it can help you grow faster.
  3. When you’re going to do something new,
    challenge yourself to do it with enthusiasm and devotion.
  4. When mistakes are made,
    challenge your self to learn from them rather than waste time on blaming yourself.
  5. When you find yourself trying to control too much,
    challenge yourself to let go and enjoy the moment.
  6. When someone treats you poorly,
    challenge yourself to treat them with kindness and respect.
  7. When you catch yourself thinking the grass is greener elsewhere, challenge yourself to water the grass you’re standing on.

Don’t tackle all 7 challenges all at once. I suggest you pick one and work with that one for a week and see how you are doing. Where do you have to make changes and what do you do naturally?

The following week you’ll add another challenge to work on along with the first one. Keep on adding additional challenges every week and see how your life is changing. After 7 weeks, you’ll be surprised how different your life is.

Can you find more challenges to add on your own? If you get stuck and need help contact me I am happy to assist you.

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