9 Tips to Boost Your Productivity in 5 Minutes or Less

9 Tips to Boost Your Productivity in 5 Minutes or Less

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Image by O12 on Pixabay

Productivity is a funny thing. We all know when we’re being super productive — it’s almost like a feeling and a euphoric sense of triumph of knocking things off a to-do list. But unproductivity? You can be mired in and not really understand what’s happening until it’s too late — until you’ve missed deadlines or disappointed people or drawn the ire of co-workers.

So when it comes time to reset your productivity, or when you start to get an inkling that you might be veering down the path of not getting enough done or getting things done well, what can you do? Well, turns out you don’t need a giant revamping of your schedule or work sensibilities. You just need to spend a couple of minutes making some adjustments to go forward and work better. What are those strategies? This graphic helps explain what to do to be your best productive self, all the time.

Infographic from https://zerocater.com9 Ways to Boost Productivity in 5 Minutes or Less Infographic

Infographic from https://zerocater.com


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