time management

These 8 effective time management techniques are just a few of the 46 strategies I recently came across that improve your productivity. They are a good starting point to help you get the most out of your hours in your day.

1] Organize Your Tasks

Your “To Do List” is the the starting point to organize your daily productivity, but it can still be quite cluttered and unstructured.

That’s why it is important to find a simple method that is organized, will save you time and make you want to stick with it.

2] Schedule Everything in Your Calendar With a Reminder

Creating a schedule give you start and ending point and helps you track your progress.

Don’t rely on your brain to remember everything. Always take notes.

3] Work is the Best Way to Get Working

Break large tasks into little chunks.
Start with small tasks to get the ball rolling.
Work through one at a time.

4] Don’t Slack Off Today Because You Had a Productive Day Yesterday

“Yesterday’s home runs, don’t win today’s games.” – Babe Ruth

5] Leave Time in Between

Scheduling meetings and tasks back to back without some realistic time in between often times leaves you scrambling.

Having an extra 10 minutes or so up your sleeve lets you complete tasks thoroughly. That way you can pride yourself on being on time and cut down on the time used going back to complete tasks.

6] Measure Your Level of Discipline

Do you know how disciplined and self-motivated you actually are? There are simple time saving apps to measure custom daily goals and give you accurate feedback of how disciplined you really are.

Keeping a daily record of the things you want to track gives you the ability to identify patterns in your habits from real data.

7] Create Processes for Everything

Get good at documenting the process you go through when completing tasks.

If you can document your processes in a simplified and easy manner so that someone who knows nothing about the task could follow it, then you are well on your way to scaling your business in the most efficient manner possible.

8] Don’t get frustrated

Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards.

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