77 Important Truths About Life

77 Important Truths About Life

I am always looking for inspiration. That’s when I came across this interesting article and just had to find a way to share it. So I put a small PDF together.

77 important truths about live
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10 Truths

  1. Less is almost always more. Simplicity is almost always the answer.
  2. Perfection only exists in the mind. It’s not real. Imagine, create, improve.
  3. Philosophy isn’t about understanding life. It’s about thinking with clarity.
  4. Either you control your desires or your desires control you. Choose wisely.
  5. We are biological algorithms shaped by our inputs. Beware of your setting.
  6. The purpose of life isn’t to do or to accomplish. It’s to merely experience.
  7. The most important decision you make is choosing what to care about.
  8. Be kind to yourself in the face of failures. They really don’t define you.
  9. Everything is approximate. Don’t aim to be right. Aim to be less wrong.
  10. The goal of an ideal partner isn’t to complete you. It’s to augment you.

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