7 Tips to Invest Your Time Wisely

7 Tips to Invest Your Time Wisely

We all have the same amount of hours in any given day, but what we do with these hours is up to us. You cannot borrow time from tomorrow and you cannot carry time forward from yesterday. You only have NOW and how you spend this NOW time, every minute of it, you can to decide.

Just like with money, what you do with your time is an investment in your future.

7 tips to invest your time wisely

Do you want to spend your time with instant gratification or do you want to do do things that will pay you back in the future? It is totally up to you to invest your time wisely or not.

The 7 Tips

  1. Plan

    Spend some time planning your day/week, so you don’t have to waste time figuring out what to do. A few minutes now, can literally save hours later.

  2. Prepare

    Once you have planned your day, the next step is to prepare for it. Do your research for upcoming meeting and appointment. Then review the information so that you can hit the ground running.

  3. Practice

    There are some things that require you to practice. Something might feel awkward at first, but with practice you become a natural at it. Practice makes perfect.
    Steve Jobs was known to spend weeks preparing for his keynote speeches. Now it is time to invest Your Time in your endeavours?

  4. Skills

    Learning new skills is another investment of your time. Are there skills you could improve and are there some skills you are lacking? Just because you finished school does not mean that you stop learning. Learning new skill is fun and being a life-long learner is key to future success. Always invest time in new skills and capabilities.

  5. Health

    Ignoring your health, can actually backfire. When you are busy, you often find it hard to find the time to exercise and eat healthy. At exercise and meals to your schedule. You are more efficient when you are healthy. Being ill takes time away from being productive.

  6. Relationships

    Having no time for relationships, leave you unbalanced. It is not just the amount of time you spend with relationship, but it is vitally important to spend quality with relationship.

  7. Career

    Being proactive, rather than waiting for opportunities to come your way is the best way to move forward. You have to go out and get what you want. Find the contacts that can help you and develop a relationship with them.

Coaching Tip

If after following some of these tips you discover that it did not work out, don’t beat yourself up over the failures. Just start again and with constant practice it will become second nature to you and you will succeed.

This post was adapted from this Time Management Ninja article
→ 7 Ways That Everyone Should Invest Their Time.

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