6 Steps to Goal Setting that Really Work

6 Steps to Goal Setting that Really Work

6 steps to goal settingDo you take your time to plan your goals? How many of your goals do you achieve? How many resolutions do start and then just let them go?

Have you ever wondered how many people who make resolutions see them through? According to statistics the number is quite low, only about 8%. So what should you do to join those 8%?

“A goal is just a dream until you write it down”.

  1. Have a very strong reason WHY you want to accomplish your goal and make sure your goal aligned with your core values and beliefs.
  2. Be very clear on what it is you want to attain. The more explicit your are about your goal the more likely, about 10x more likely,  you are that you will attain your goal.
  3. Write down your goal.
  4. Tell others about your goal and they will become your accountability partners and this increases your chances of achieving your goal by 75%.

My friend Alex Pirouz came up with a system he calls “The Inclination Point” to improve your success rate of achieving your goals and resolutions.

What on earth is an Inclination? Here is the definition of the word Inclination

A person’s natural tendency or urge to act or feel in a particular way; a disposition or propensity.
A feeling that you want to do a particular thing, or the fact that you prefer or are more likely to do a particular thing.

Read Alex’s full article from the Huffington Post and learn how to improve your goal setting success rate.

Use the instructions in this PDF and follow these 6 steps to find Your Inclination Point.

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What are your struggles of making a resolution and sticking to it?
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