fomo vs jomo

After my recent post “Lack of focus because of FOMO, FOMO (Fear of missing out) seems to be a lot more in the news lately.

This post is a summary of 4 tips to overcome FOMO based on Dr. Axe’s article.

Tip 1: Admit that you have FOMO

The first step to any change starts with admitting that you have a problem.

Tip 2: News Feeds are manipulated

Remind yourself that what comes across your new feeds is only the highlight of that post. So it is easy to get sucked in to believing that this is the way for everybody.

Step 3: Take a Break from Social Media

If you feel that you can’t live without you are addicted to social media? Could you be more yourself, if you were not constantly bombarded by posts that make you envious and urge you to get the latest new gadget to be like your friends or favorite famous person.

Step 4: Stay in the NOW

You’ll never get the time back that you wasted on social media. Decide what is important to you and how you want to move ahead and achieve your goal. We all get the same amount of time every day, but how you use that time is up to you.

Read Dr. Axe’s full article here >

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