set your priorities

Even though this video was for the year 2015, the information in it is applicable anytime you’re setting goals.

We often make things more complicated that necessary, instead of having a simple plan that is easy to follow.

Brian Tracy he gives you step by step instructions to make sure the upcoming year with be your most successful.

4 Steps

  1. Set clear goals – write them down
    Pick the most important goal for the year or set quarterly or monthly goals
  2. Figure out the skills you need to achieve each of the goals
    Learn or improve the skills needed to achieve each goal
  3. Manage your time
    Write down what you need to get done each day, preferably the night before
  4. Pick the task that brings you the most value by achieving it
    Don’t make your list so long that you can’t manage it. This will leave you frustrated. Pick a maximum of 3 important tasks only each day and start with the most important or urgent one first thing in the morning. Then when you are done with it mark it off your list. There is no greater satisfaction than the feeling of having accomplished what you set out to do. Take a shore break and move on to the next task on your list.

Do you need help formulating your goals and then setting up a plan to follow?
I am more than happy to work with you.