successYou make your New Year’s Resolutions with the best intentions, but for some reason or other by February they have fizzled. If you stick to these 3 resolutions, you will be surprised how easy it is to reach your goals.

These tips can be applied not just to business goals, but to anything you want to achieve and you don’t have to save them for the New Year. The best time to start is NOW!

[1] Get Started

get started
get started

You are so excited to start or try something that will bring you closer to your goal, but for some reason or other you don’t get started. So how do you get started?

Just Do It!

Don’t get left behind.

[2] Keep Going

keep going
keep going

Congratulations on getting started! Keeping going is the next hurdle that is awaiting you. For the first few days it is easy to keep going, but then something happens and you don’t have the time and think what’s the use and give up. Instead of giving up the next day, start again and keep going. Don’t beat yourself up over missing a day. Every time you miss a day, just start again and keep going. To your surprise eventually you will miss not doing it and not matter what, you just keep going and if you miss a day here or there, it will not bother you any longer.

[3] Follow Directions

follow directions
follow directions

What’s the point of following directions?

Following directions makes it easier to reach your goal. The directions came about from trial and error of the direction’s writer. They are meant to help you, not make life more difficult. Thinking that you know better or looking for a shortcut, can turn out to be a big mistake. Learn how to do it by following directions and then once you have mastered the subject, you may consider different approaches.

I credit these tips to Alex Mandossian from a recent hangout. Thanks Alex.

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