Sadly, we had to cut down our 70 foot blue spruce tree and it provided 3 valuable lessons that can be applied in any business and to any goal.

3 lessons learnt cutting a tree

✓ Do you homework

When cutting our tree, we quickly realized that is was a job for the professional not amateurs.

  • Look at the steps involved in getting the job done.
  • Find the right tools to do it or hire somebody to do it.

✓ Work on the details

The person cutting the tree, started to cut the branches from the bottom up as they climbed the tree. They made two cuts for most big branches. The first cut, cut off most of the branch, the second cut left some of the branch on the trunk to act as step when climbing up the tree.

  • Work out the individual steps involved.
  • Break larger steps into smaller steps. Make sure they help you get to the next step.
  • It might look like more work, but in the long run it is faster and also safer.

✓ Split the big job into smaller tasks

Once the tree cutter made it almost to the top and the tree trunk was a lot thinner, the cut off the whole top. Then he worked his way back down the trunk cutting off 2 foot sections and throwing them on the ground until he was almost at the ground. Then he cut it at ground level.

  • Don’t tackle the big task in one step.
  • Break it down into smaller steps and work methodically through each task.
  • Towards the end you can leave a larger task to get it all done.

By following these 3 lesson, you will accomplish your goal and feel like a winner.

Check out the video of how the tree was cut down.


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