21 Tips to Achieve Anything

21 Tips to Achieve Anything

There are some universal rules to achieve anything. They apply to your business and your personal life.

Read over this list and think about each point. Which points do you already apply and which ones do you have trouble with. You don’t master everything at once, it takes repeated action to master skills and develop habits.

how to achieve anything

1. Work hard
2. Ask for forgiveness, not permission
3. Believe in yourself
4. Ask for more than you think you can ge.
5. Promote your friends and yourself
6. Help others without expecting anything in return
7. Be nice most of the time, but an asshole some of the time
8. Reverse engineer your ideal outcome. Hack the system
9. Don’t procrastinate
10. Learn something new every week
11. Take notes
12. Ask for help
13. Get a mentor
14. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.
15. Don’t believe your own hype
16. Fail fast but not too often
17. Embrace your fear
18. Enjoy the highs, remember the lows
19. Don’t sweat the things you can’t control
20. Have fun, live each day as it’s your last

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