21 Lessons for the 21st Century

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

21 lessons for the 21st century
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From the book by Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval Harari is a historian and in this book he analyzes the information overwhelm of the 21st century. I heard him interviewed on the CBC’s Idea Show and just had to dig deeper into what he was talking about and share the information.

To spur your interest I found this is the table of content of the book.

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Humans think in stories rather than in facts. Successful stories are open ended.

Yuval Harari

Part I: The Technological Challenge

What we should focus on providing for people’s basic needs and protecting their social status and self worth.

Yuval Harari

1] DISILLUSIONMENT – The end of history has been postponed
2] WORK – When you grow up, you might not have a job
3] LIBERTY – Big Data is watching you
4] EQUALITY – Those who own the data own the future

Democracy is the worst political system in the world, except for all the others.

Winston Churchill

Part II: The Political Challenge

Elections and referendums are not about what we think. They’re about what we feel.

Yuval Harari

5] COMMUNITY – Humans have bodies
6] CIVILISATION – There is just one civilisation in the world
7] NATIONALISM – Global problems need global answers
8] RELIGION – God now serves the nation
9] IMMIGRATION – Some cultures might be better than others

All nations are unique. Because we cherish tolerance, you can not allow too many intolerant people in.

Yuval Harari

Part III: Despair and Hope

The overreaction to terrorism poses a far greater threat to our security than terrorist themselves.

Yuval Harari

10] TERRORISM – Don’t panic
11] WAR – Never underestimate human stupidity
12] HUMILITY – You are not the centre of the world
13] GOD – Don’t take the name of God in vain
14] SECULARISM – Acknowledge your shadow

Strong belief is often required where the story isn’t true.

Yuval Harari

Part IV: Truth

Most human decisions are based on emotional reactions. 

15 ] IGNORANCE – You know less than you think
16] JUSTICE – Our sense of justice might be out of date
17] POST-TRUTH – Some fake news lasts for ever
18] SCIENCE FICTION – The future is not what you see in the movies

The worst failing of present-day science fiction is that it attempts to confuse intelligence with consciousness.

Part V: Resilience

What kids really need to learn is adaptability, learning how to learn, resilience, curiosity, critical thinking, problem solving and effective collaboration.

Yuval Harari

19] EDUCATION – Change is the only constant
20] MEANING – Life is not a story
21] MEDITATION – Just observe

Meditation is not an escape from reality. It is getting in touch with reality. 

Yuval Harari

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