20 Motivational Tips

20 Motivational Tips

motivational tips

What do you do to get yourself out of rut?

Your motivation and enthusiasm comes and goes in waves. It is easy to keep yourself motivated when you are riding the crest of a wave, but when you are at the bottom it is helpful when you have some ideas to draw from to get your enthusiasm back.

20 Tips to Get Motivated

  1. Keep a vision board. Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?
  2. Set realistic goals
  3. Read everyday
  4. Work with a coach or mentor
  5. Tackle your big goal daily
  6. No multi-tasking
  7. Take regular breaks during the day
  8. Keep in touch with your customers
  9. Network with likeminded people
  10. Be action oriented
  11. Work on ways to increase your value for your clients/customers
  12. Stay organized
  13. Start your day with enthusiasm
  14. Stay positive. Don’t let others pull you down
  15. Schedule fun events into your spare time
  16. Also pay attention to your body, health and your mind
  17. Evaluate your habits to adjust your perspective
  18. Become an expert in your field
  19. Make sure you have hobbies you love.
  20. Don’t wait until you’re burned out to make changes

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