Consistency is the foundation of your business

Consistency is the foundation of your business

Do you have a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan of action? If you haven’t had the time to create one, it is high time to do it. Yes, it takes time to put it all together, but in the end it will save you tons of time.

How does your daily schedule look? Do you have a schedule for your day? I don’t just mean for work, but also for yourself, your family, your kids and your mate and your meals..

If an item is not on your schedule you will most likely forget it when you are in the midst of a hectic day or week.

Does your schedule include these items?

  1. Workout
  2. Meditation time
  3. 30 minutes of reading a book
  4. Meals
    – do you prepare your meal plan and meals in advance?
  5. Getting the kids off to school on time
    – this is a very chaotic time in most households. That’s where a schedule helps and also teaches your kids to be organized.
  6. Family time – forces you to plan ahead
  7. Quality time with your mate
    – is often comes only as an afterthought rather than a priority
  8. Social Media
    – this is a time hog, but when you put a specific amount of time for it on your schedule you will less likely get sidetracked.
  9. Admin time – the dreaded task becomes easier when it is on your schedule
  10. Brainstorming time – alone or with somebody to give you extra input
  11. Answering inquires
    – often times it gets squeezed in any available time slot, rather than have it planned.
  12. Massage – pamper yourself with a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly massage


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