1 Thing to Do When You Are Stuck You Never Considered

1 Thing to Do When You Are Stuck You Never Considered

Doing the same thing over and over always leads to the same outcome. When you are stuck, one minor change will dramatically alter the outcome.


Do you do regular reviews to assess problem areas? Hopefully, you have discovered areas that need to change and now you are looking for resources to help you make adjustments.

Have you ever considered that you might already have access to the resources you need?

Just think of the many courses or programs you have purchased over the years,I because you thought that they would help you and were just what you were looking for?

Take Inventory – Make a List

It is hard to keep track of all the resources you already have. Set aside some time to make a list and take inventory of all the courses and programs you currently have in your possession. You will find that there are some you use on a regular basis, then there are some you don’t know how to use and the you will find some that you didn’t even know that you had.

Inventory Evaluation

Look at your list of courses and programs and answer these questions for each course and write down the answers:

  • Which courses have you finished and are still using?
  • Which courses have you finished, but never use?
  • Which courses have you opened and looked at?
  • Which courses have you started to study, but not finished?
  • Which courses have you not even opened?

What does your answer sheet tell you? Can you see a pattern? Do the answers surprise you?

Have you just heard about a new course that would help you with a problem? Does your inventory list let you know that you already have similar course that you never even looked at? Do you really need to buy the new course, when studying the one you already have would be helpful?


Visualize how a minor change would affect your business and life.

If you never looked at a particular course, started it, but never finished it, imagine how your business and life would change if you studied it now!

What held you back from studying the course and what made you give up? What changes do you have to make in your life to hunker down and work your way through that course?

Would working with a coach help you? Visualize working with someone who would hold you accountable to stay motivated and do the work?


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