powerpoint as graphic program

Why on earth would you use PowerPoint to create graphics? I thought like this for a long time. Then one day, my oldest daughter told me that she was using PowerPoint for this purpose. So, hesitantly, I gave it a try and yes, I have Photoshop and know my way around it. To my surprise, I got to like using PowerPoint especially because it was very easy and speedy to use.

For a long time, I was happy to just use the default sizes either in 4:3 or 16:9 dimensions, but as I wanted to work with different sizes for images for my website, I ran into a snag. PowerPoint images are defined in inches and not pixels, but images on a website are defined in pixels.

A quick Google search gave me the answer. First I experimented on my own and discovered that 1 inch did not equal 100 pixels. With my graphic knowledge, I knew it had something to do with the amount of pixels in the picture. It turns out that I needed to convert the pixels into inches and PowerPoint has a 96 PPI (pixels per inch) conversion ratio.

Read this post for a detailed explanation and the ration for centimeters to pixels → https://goo.gl/Nj31Ks.

Since PowerPoint 2013 you can now use 3 decimals when setting up the dimensions and this will now match exactly the pixels, where as 2 decimals are slightly off.


If your picture needs to be 600 x 300 pixels, you have to set up the PowerPoint image size to this

pixels to inches

I am curious to know if anybody reading this, has ever considered or is using PowerPoint to create graphics. Please leave a comment below ▼