Hack Your Productivity – Finish What You Start

You start your projects full of enthusiasm, but as time goes by you lose some of your enthusiasm, then dread sets in and before too long, you stop completely. Now your project, research and reference materials all ends up on … [Continue Reading …]

Single-tasking Improves Your Productivity

I have written before about how multi-tasking in general it does not work. That’s when I came across this definition of how I tend to naturally work, even if I don’t always succeed: “single-tasking or mono-tasking”. Definition of single-tasking or monotasking Doing one thing at … [Continue Reading …]

4 Simple Tips to Achieve Your Goals for 2015

We often make things more complicated that necessary, instead of having a simple plan that is easy to follow. Brian Tracy he gives you step by step instructions to make sure the upcoming year with be your most successful. 4 Steps Set … [Continue Reading …]