wishDo you wish you could add more hours to your day? But then on the other hand you squander it with time-wasting activities.

There are times during your day when you could buy yourself some time, you just might not have even realized how.

Discover how can you become more productive

spend your time wisely

  • During your commute ► listen to interviews, lectures or audio books.
  • Social media and emails ► Schedule time for emails and social media and stick to it.
  • Entertainment ► Reduce your time in front of the TV.
    For one week keep track of the time you spend watching TV every day? Then evaluate it and decide if you want to watch less TV.
    For me watching the recordings of my favorite shows is my chillin’ time to wind down.
  • Waiting ► Find a way to us the time productively. Read a book or catch up on small tasks.
    How many times have you been left waiting for an appointment? Just find something productive that you can do while waiting.
  • Internet ► Don’t spend time surfing non-work related websites at work.
  • Morning and evening routines ►Prepare for the next day the evening before.
    Having everything ready by the front door means that you don’t have to chase after the car keys.
  • Keep track of time ► Schedule every task, time limits maximize your efficiency.
  • Stop controlling everything ► Let go and delegate. You will gain some space in your schedule.
  • Learn to say NO. Say “no” and pay yourself in time.

This post was adapted from this Tony Robbins article
The 10 biggest time-sucks

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