#3 – The Best Is Yet to Come

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 3 productivity tips

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.

Time Management –

15 phrases you should say to yourself every day to meet your goals. Is your attitude affecting your productivity? This article might just have some answers to help… → Read the full article

PDF with all the phrases

Productivity –

Working from home has it own set of problems and it is important to set your parameters and let the outside world know that you have your own set business hours that you stick by…
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Procrastination –

How to stop being a procrastinator. This article from the Daily Mail has some great tips. If you are a perfectionist and set your standards to high, you might sabotage yourself by procrastinating, because of feeling inadequate…
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Motivation –

How to Rebalance When You Get Off Track. Always remember that you are in charge and minor course corrections have huge results.

Do you know a flight from California to Hawaii is 99% of the time off course, but still lands in Honolulu, because of the minor course corrections a pilot makes…
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Inspiration Friday –

paddling on Oathill LakeHave a fabulous weekend!

Would you attempt to row across the pacific all alone?
This Inspiring article teaches what the women learned about time management while training for this epic journey…
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