About Me

Delighted to meet you. I am Marlies.

As a small business owner or solopreneur have your ever asked yourself:

  • How can I get more productive?
  • How can I clarify and prioritize my focus?
  • How can I improve my time management?
  • How can I double productivity and profit?
  • How can I make more money and work less?
  • How can I build a system that leads to more success?
  • I could use an accountability partner, someone who just listens to me and keeps me on track

Then you have come to the RIGHT place

airplaneImagine where you’d be in 4 months, if you finally got the support, training and clarity you’ve been craving.

Do you know that a flight from California to Hawaii is 99% of the time off-course, but with many minor course adjustments always ends up in Hawaii? The path to success is achieved with many minor course adjustments.

I will not do it for you, but together we will figure out what went wrong, what is missing, where you have gone off-course and what minor adjustments need to be made to get back on course. What you learn will allow you in the future make the adjustments yourself.

Let’s work together.


Let me introduce myself

Marlies Time Management and Productivity CoachI am Marlies Cohen and as a square peg that does not fit into a round hole, I realized early on that I had to forge my own path and that being a nonconformist meant, that I had to understand and figure out what made me tick. I realized that getting anywhere meant to have a strategy. I grew up thinking that everybody functions this way, but eventually clued in that this was not the case.

Most people think that a having a goal is enough, but sadly that is often not enough. You need a vision of how you will feel and how you will be treated when you have achieved your goal. Will you be OK with that or does that not match your initial vision. A goal will not help you to keep going when times get tough whereas a vision will.

My life experience is the basis of for my coaching. I also have a EFT background that we can use to help you when you are stuck. I love helping people achieve their full potential.

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