Coaching Special July

July Coaching Special

You set out full of the best intentions and get going, only to discover that your enthusiasm has faded after a short time. What went wrong?

There is nothing wrong with you. Enthusiasm like other things in life comes and goes in waves or cycles. It is easy to stick to it when your on the upswing of a cycle, but when you are at the bottom of a wave, it feels like you are stuck and don’t see how you could ever continue.

That’s were coaching comes to the rescue. All the top athletes work with coaches who hold them accountable and encourage them when the going gets tough.

Do you need a coach to keep you accountable and prevent you from staying stuck?

Give working with a coach a try and

take advantage of July’s coaching special of only $150 (40% discount) for 3 weekly 50 minute coaching sessions

In August the price will go back up to $250.00


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